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Today in golf fails: Alvaro Quiros shatters his 3-wood on a training aid

October 24, 2016

Alignment sticks can be great training aids for your golf game. In addition to making sure you're properly lined up with your target, they can also be stuck in the ground and used to work on maintaining a proper swing plane. However, we only suggest the latter practice method if you're an advanced golfer -- especially since even one of the world's best players produced an all-time golf fail trying this drill.

Behold six-time European Tour winner Alvaro Quiros on the range over the weekend at the Portugal Masters. Either Quiros set up one of the sticks wrong or he got a little too steep on his downswing. In any event, this happened to his 3-wood:


Quiros only finished T-31 in the event, but on the bright side, his swing couldn't have been too off during a final-round 65. Also a positive? Unlike average golfers, it's easy for him to get replacement clubs.