Sack Lunch

J.J. Watt taught brother T.J. the move that led to a sack on Sunday while on the golf course this summer

September 14, 2023

The Watt brothers are an American pass-rush institution. Between them they have 195 career NFL sacks. J.J. is headed straight for Canton as soon as he becomes eligible and little brother T.J. isn’t too far behind. On Sunday, the latter added three more sack lunches to his backpack, taking down San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy a trio of times in an otherwise abysmal 30-7 loss.

The final takedown in the trifecta included a move that looked very familiar to brother J.J. The former Texans legend appeared on the Pat McAfee show on Wednesday to break down the tape, revealing that he helped T.J. perfect his patented two-hand swipe move this summer … while on the golf course. Yes, really.

“You guys were working on a golf course right there!?” McAfee asks in disbelief.

“Yeah we were. There’s a patch a grass right in front of my house,” Watt replied before adding, “Notice we’re not in the fairway. We’re staying in the rough. Respect the course!”

All three talking heads onscreen—McAfee, Watt and former Ohio State/Packers great A.J. Hawk—are all avid golfers, so they understand the importance of not disrupting others’ rounds. That said, if you have a chance to teach your little brother a move that will help sic him on the QB like a dog on a bone, earn him tens of millions of dollars on his next contract and potentially even help his team to a playoff berth, then you have to use whatever surface the football-loving gods put in front of you. In this case, that happened to be a golf course. No harm, no foul.

Just keep your head on a swivel out there, fellas. No one needs to land in concussion protocol from a Titleist to the dome.