Titleist offers T100•S, T200 irons in 'stunning' all-black finish

Titleist has a long heritage of taking a proven product and tweaking it to appeal to a wider base of players. The company continues that path with the release of its T100•S and T200 players irons in a murdered-out all-black configuration that’s sure to appeal to the Titleist aficionado seeking to add some additional cool factor to their bag.

The Titleist T100•S and T200 Black irons boast a high polish black PVD coating. The T100•S uses a glare-reducing True Temper Dynamic Gold Onyx AMT matte black shaft as standard with the Project X LZ Onyx is the stock shaft for the T200. Both irons employ an all-black Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip.

Not that black clubs are anything new. Numerous companies such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra and PXG have introduced dark-colored irons either as part of their main line or as a special offering. Titleist also entered that game with its 718 AP2 and 718 AP3 in black, and of course introduced a "jet black" finish on the Vokey Design SM8 limited edition wedge introduced this week.

As Josh Talge, VP of golf club marketing for Titleist, said, “We’ve heard from many golfers asking us to build these all-black editions – the combination of the Black PVD finish with the matte black shaft and matching grip is just stunning.”

The clubs maintain all of their technological horsepower from the iron family that first debuted last fall. For the T100•S the lofts are stronger by 2 degrees from the T100, but each iron in the set is redesigned with thinner faces. As with the T100, a hefty amount of tungsten (an average of 66 grams) is co-forged into the heel and toe areas of the long and mid irons to boost forgiveness and foster a higher launch. Attention also was paid to the sole of the club with an enhanced camber for improved turf interaction. As you would expect in a players shape, the topline is on the thin side and offset is minimal. The set features progressive blade lengths, sole widths and hosel lengths with the goal of delivering the optimal center-of-gravity positioning for each iron.

Cameron Smith won the Sony Open in Hawaii playing a set of T100 Black irons. Lanto Griffin, who put in his request for black T100’s after seeing Smith post a picture of them on Instagram, used them to win the Houston Open. “The first time I saw these irons they looked so good I didn’t want to put a scratch on them,” said Smith. “The black finish just looks tighter to me and really fits my eye. It also helps to keep a little bit of the shine off which I really like.”

The T200 utilizes an L-shaped face made of high-strength SUP10 steel and adds forgiveness to a relatively compact shape through the use of tungsten. An average of 90 grams of high-density tungsten in the heel and toe of the 4- through 7-iron creates a higher moment of inertia for an iron with a compact players shape. The tungsten also lowers the center of gravity for higher launch with less spin.

Available in right-hand only, the Titleist T-Series T100•S and T200 Black irons are available for a limited time beginning Aug. 28, at a price of $200 per club.