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Tilting to a Reverse C?

Remember that it will be impossible for your to keep the weight on the inside of your right foot if your shoulder turn or hip turn has moved outside your base of support, that is, moved outside the right leg. Jack Grout

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Clay Clanton of Flora, MS, has an interesting take on Stack & Tilt, the New Tour Swing of our June issue, and he adds two more instructors to its possible progenitors.

Johnny Miller has many times stated that we may see a resurgence of the classic, "reverse C" swing, and once again he may be correct.  The Tour's New Swing is remarkably similar to the things you read in "Golf My Way" by Jack Nicklaus.

I find that I strike the ball much more solidly using a "classic swing" than with the experimentation I have done with the modern swing, which to me is much more difficult to execute.

Thank you for this great article.  I look forward to seeing more from teachers Mike and Andy.  I hope they will release a video on their instruction.

Scott Mitchum of Ellenwood, KS adds one more teacher to the list of those who, to his mind, has taught some of element of the swing: Vardon....

__I experienced a very real sense of "deja vu" while looking at the pictures of the "New Tour Swing" article in the current issue. I am currently rereading the classic instruction book by Harry Vardon first published in 1905 called "The Complete Golfer". If you would check your copy I think you would also recognize the "New Tour Swing" as an almost exact copy of Vardon's swing and I do mean exact copy other than Vardon bent his left elbow a bit at the top of the back swing. His description may not have all the scientific terminology that these swing gurus use but the effect is as close to the same as you could ever imagine. So, "New Tour Swing" becomes "Hey, Harry had it right a long, long time ago swing"! __

More Stack & Tilt genealogy on Geoff Shackelford's blog.

(Baddeley photo by J.D. Cuban; Nicklaus photo by Chuck Brenkus)

—Bob Carney