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Tiger's Game Face

January 31, 2008

We've heard a bunch about Tiger's turned-back hat and menacing scowl on the January cover, so it's fair to print this letter from Dr. John Pate of Ontario:


I have just finished reading the article written by > Jamie Diaz on Tiger Woods and his life changes in 2007.It may be the best work that I have read in Golf Digest in my 40 years of subscribing.The exploration of this young man's personal growth and his growing insight and understanding of himself provided for a wonderful look into a Tiger we don't see on television. Imagine, that Sunday scowl is really just his "poker face"- not so scary after all. In my game golf is a good walk , on good ground, with good friends and with a little sport. I know that tournament golf is very different - but this young man would be welcome in my group anytime , not because he is Tiger , but because of the man he is becoming. Thank you for doing such good work.

It's interesting that the cover, which drew considerable negative response--and some positive, too--is a home run on the newsstands. Our best January issue in a decade. Tiger continues to mesmerize. His performance at Torrey Pines last week and his 65 in Dubai today are the beginnings of what might be the career year. Nicke Faldo said "Tiger could--no, I'll take away the could--Tiger will win the Grand Slam this year." I think Jaime's story and Walter Iooss Jr.'s photos got closer to explaining why that's possible than anything done on Tiger to date.

--Bob Carney