Tiger's Duck Slice

March 28, 2019

Illustrations by @AthleteLogos


MILLER BARBER'S backswing resembled the opening of an umbrella in the wind. DOUG SANDERS swung it back so short, he could hit drivers out of a crowded elevator. JIM FURYK was described as an Octopoda falling from a tree. HUBERT GREEN swung like he was pulling up his socks. WALTER HAGEN swayed, SAM SNEAD squatted, JOHN DALY dipped, NANCY LOPEZ paused, CURTIS STRANGE rocked, RAYMOND FLOYD minced, JACK NICKLAUS chicken-winged, LEE TREVINO gave it a spin, GREG NORMAN'S feet came off the ground, and FRED COUPLES let go at impact. But the king of golf idiosyncrasies had to be the swashbuckling ARNOLD PALMER and his whirlybird follow-through. Arnie's left arm practically levitated with the force of his finish, flipping around the shaft so fiercely it pointed at the target.

At the WGC-Mexico Championship in February, Palmer was brought to mind when TIGER WOODS slashed a 9-iron 132 yards out of sand under a branch around a tree and banking sideways on the green, 11 feet from the hole. It was vintage Tiger. One for the ages. The artful image we hold is that grimace of a finish with the club whirled unmistakably in homage to Arnie. LONG LIVE THE KINGS OF GOLF!