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Tiger Woods could only shake his head at this bold question from kid who made TWO aces at his event

It remains to be seen if 11-year-old Holden Bautista will ever become a famous golfer. Regardless, Tiger Woods certainly will remember the name.

Bautista went viral over the weekend when a hole-in-one he made at the TGR Jr. International—and the subsequent congrats from Tiger himself—was caught on camera. How's that for a highlight?

But wait, there's more! Apparently, the young man made another ace during the Youth on Course/TGR event at The Hay, the Pebble Beach par-3 course designed by Woods. And when the 11-year-old had a chance to ask the 15-time major champ a question, he made holes-in-one the topic. Bold!

Have a look at Tiger's funny response as he can only smirk and shake his head, before finally saying, "He just mic dropped it on top of everybody."

Classic. And what an all-time flex by the kid! Would have loved it if he added, "So just to confirm, that's a no, right?"

Of course, he did it with the utmost respect. "I mean, you're the GOAT, and I feel like it would be expected," Bautista says in the clip. "But it's OK, I feel like I'm putting you under a spotlight right now."

Well played, Holden. Forget about playing on the PGA Tour, this little dude seems destined for a bright future in TV.

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