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Tiger Woods says he's "best friends" with his ex-wife in his most revealing interview ever

December 03, 2015

We learned a lot from Tiger Woods' Tuesday press conference. The 14-time major winner has no timetable for a return, seems content with his career if this is it, and has gotten really good at video games. On Thursday, we learned even more from Woods through an interview he did with Lorne Rubenstein and Time Magazine. The usually guarded superstar was unusually candid discussing his life. The entire interview is fantastic and well worth your time, but here are some of the highlights:

Tiger hates watching golf on TV

"I can’t remember the last time I watched golf. I can’t stand it. Unless one of my friends has a chance to win, then I like watching it. I watched Jason [Day] win the PGA. But it was on mute. It’s always on mute and I have some other game on another TV."