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Tiger and Weir

October 04, 2007

I thought we might hear from you on this. Jack Sebeslav of Ontario—Canada, not California—took exception to the Johnny Miller comments during the Mike Weir/Tiger Woods singles match at the Presidents Cup.


Laurels to the US team for their solid victory.  Well done gentlemen!!  Darts to Johnny Miller for his tactless comment concerning Mike Wier as he and Tiger Woods were being introduced on the first tee of the singles matches on Sunday.  He (Miller) wondered aloud if Tiger would "play nice" and throw Mike Wier "a bone". Sure, Johnny....Tiger is going to throw the match. What an outrageous comment!!!  and then later in the match, after Tiger had gone one up and narrowly missed his birdie putt on 17, he suggests that Mike's birdie putt is the "biggest putt of his career"!  Hey Johnny....this guy won the playing a match with Tiger Woods is certainly not the highlight of his career.  It was great to see Mike rally on 17 and 18 to win his match with Tiger.  I wonder if Johnny thinks Tiger went in the tank so that the "little Canadian" could win in front of the home crowd.  Wow!!  Jack, I'm with you. I don't think Tiger's DNA contains a gene for competitive compassion. I asked our editors who covered the event and they agree. But I must say there was debate in the halls of Golf Digest about this very issue. There were those who thought Tiger might have played faster and looser on that final hole because of his feelings toward "host" Mike. Not me. There were others who thought the U.S. players, including Tiger, saw this as an "exhibition" because they were smiling so much, clearly not taking it as seriously as the Ryder Cup. Wait. Isn't that fun-loving approach what we envy about the Europeans?

Anyway, you put your finger on a bit of condescension in the commmentors' remarks toward Weir. I think they became a bit discombobulated around those raucous Canadian crowds.

--Bob Carney