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Three cool ways golfers are using Instagram's Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse, an app that Instagram released last Tuesday, makes it possible for all of us to shoot time-lapse videos with nothing more than our iPhones. The app's interface is incredibly simple (open it, tap the screen to focus, then hit record), and it lets you document up to 45 minutes of video (if you're using an iPhone 5) that you can then boil down to as little as three minutes and 45 seconds.

Here's how three golfers have used Hyperlapse:

To show how the driving range at Chelsea Piers is cleaned up:#iframe://||| To show off some major trick-shot skills:#iframe://||| To document an intense practice session:#iframe://|||

Some early tips for those of you who are interested in making cool Hyperlapse videos:

  1. If you have the option of recording while standing in one place versus moving around, stand in one place. The Hyperlapse will be far less dizzying.

  2. Record more footage than you think. Crunching a real-time video into a time-lapse video requires a surprising amount of footage, and you can always edit it down after you record.

  3. Think of Hyperlapse as a way of showing off something that typically takes minutes or hours. We think it'd be a cool way to show off an iconic hole (footage of someone playing the fourth hole at Bethpage Black? Yes, please!), the sun setting on a hole or even a cool drill that takes too long to show off in real time. Michelle Wie didn't use Hyperlapse to shoot this video, but you certainly could:

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