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This Will Smith/Philadelphia 76ers hype video will turn any fan into a #Process acolyte

April 30, 2018

Although we certainly don't advocate bandwagon jumping, there's a good chance your favorite NBA team is done for the season. (And we're including Jazz and Pelicans fans in this group, because no chance you guys are stopping a Warriors-Rockets conference finals showdown.) As such, you may be looking to latch your rooting interests to one of the remaining clubs. Out of those remaining eight six, it's hard not to be dazzled by the Philadelphia 76ers. Ben Simmons is the second coming of Magic Johnson, Joel Embiid is as disruptive down low as he is on Twitter, the owner helped free Meek Mill, the team's practice facility has a four-point line and they ring a sweet Liberty Bell knockoff before tip-off. Save for Kevin Hart trying to insert himself into the proceedings, what's not to love?

But, in case you needed one extra push, here's Will Smith dropping a totally unnecessary but ridiculously stimulating hype video on Monday afternoon:

Might be the man's best work since "Hitch."

We're a bit surprised, and frankly, bummed, Smith didn't sprinkle in any "It's Always Sunny" or "Rocky" references. Of course, if Big Willie Style made this video for the Eastern Conference second round, there's a chance he's going to shoot and star in a "National Treasure" reboot with Dr. J and the ghost of Ben Franklin if the Sixers make it to the Finals.