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This tour pro's quarantine range setup in her apartment is the best we've seen

April 03, 2020

Daniel Taylor

You're not alone in trying to figure out how to maximize your at-home, quarantine golf setup in the era of social distancing: Tour pros are getting creative, too. Pernilla Lindberg, who won her first major in 2018 at the ANA Inspiration, put together an impressive setup in her Florida apartment. The best part: She got the gear necessary via curbside pickup at Dick's Sporting Goods, so you can set yourself up, too.

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Lindberg ordered the this mat ($30) and these foam golf balls ($13) online and picked them up at curbside at Dick's. She set them up in her living room, which luckily has high ceilings. She lowered the shades and has been hitting the foam balls directly into them. If you don't have shades that can take the hit like the ones Lindberg has, her husband, LPGA Tour caddie Daniel Taylor, suggests getting a net to put up in front of your windows.

She's been using her iPhone tripod to take videos of her swing to send to her coach, and they work together over FaceTime, too.

"Back home in Sweden when I was younger and the weather was terrible for golf we would practice half the year indoors into a net so I’m somewhat used to doing this (even tho that was 15+ yrs ago...A😂)," she wrote on Instagram. "Some might see it as a negative to be hitting balls indoors, but it’s very easy to just focus on my swing and not worry where the ball is going."