This Presidents Cup avatar promo video is as weird as you think it might be

September 29, 2015

Ever wonder how PGA Tour players would look animated as avatars? No? Can't say we have either.

That's exactly the format of a new PGA Tour ad that promotes next week's Presidents Cup.

First thing, gotta give this an A for creativity. Not many could've seen this ad coming. And if it gets people talking about the Presidents Cup -- that's a bonus.

But this is prettttty out there. The PGA Tour is trying hard on this one. Team USA taking on the International team might not qualify as a "superhero-esque" battle. But that's what we have on our hands.

That being said, Danny Lee seems to be excited about having a superhero avatar. So that's cool. Gotta be a thrill to be depicted as a superhero. The PGA Tour's creative team is making dreams come true.