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This photographer's reaction to a missed winning putt in a European Tour playoff was priceless

August 01, 2017

Maybe this guy is buddies with Alex Levy. Or maybe he was bummed that his hustle to get into the perfect position to capture the winning putt at a European Tour event was all for naught. Or probably he just wanted the tournament to end so he could stop working.

Regardless of the exact circumstances, this photographer's reaction to Levy's missed putt in a playoff at the European Open was priceless. After Levy bricked his three-footer for the win, a nearby photographer first grabbed his hair, then spread his arms and fell back onto a bank. Here's a GIF from the European Tour that captures the funny moment:

As you can tell, the photographer wasn't alone as the miss left surrounding fans in shock. Here's a video of the entire sequence that resulted the playoff rolling on -- and Jordan Smith picking up his first European Tour title (Go to the 1:25 mark):

If it's any solace to the mystery man, that missed putt hurt Levy a lot more than it hurt him.