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This PGA Tour pro has been invited by Chris Harrison to be a contestant on 'The Bachelor'

March 10, 2020

As perhaps the only person in the Golf Digest office who doesn't watch "The Bachelor," I'm probably the last person who should be writing this post. But obviously, I have heard of the hit reality TV show and I know what a bachelor is, so I can present the essential pieces of this: There is a PGA Tour pro who could actually appear on the program.

Well, at least, there's a chance. In the latest Subpar Podcast, Wyndham Clark didn't deny the possibility of this happening when asked about it by hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz. Turns out, Clark, currently the 155th-ranked golfer in the world, is a golf pal of the show's host, Chris Harrison. And the 26-year-old bachelor from Colorado, says the two have discussed him being a contestant. Have a listen:

From inside the ropes to handing out roses? Imagine? (Yeah, I had to look that up.)

And he wouldn't even have to take too much time off. Also, he wouldn't be the first athlete to take the plunge. Jesse Palmer was on the (Checks the Google machine) 2004 season of "The Bachelor." And 16 years later he's a TV star and. . . (Checks the Google machine again) still a bachelor!

So what kind of a contestant would Wyndham be? Let's get to know him a bit better by examining his Instagram. Aside from playing golf, he loves fishing:

And fishing:

And shooting:

And fishing:

And more fishing:

Quite the, um, catch. Am I right, ladies? And how about this potential promo: "Forget about winning on the PGA Tour, this golfer is hoping to win at love." ABC can work with that.

Anyway, here was Harrison's reaction:

Dub! Oh, man, this is so happening. And when it does, I might actually watch.