This over-the-shoulder chip-and-run is the most complicated trick shot you'll see today

May 02, 2016

We don't know much about Instagram user @_andreyo other than he plays a lot of golf and co-runs another handle, @indofreestylegolf, which highlights trick shots. Oh, and he's really good at trick shots himself.

It seems like there's been a lull in this area of late, perhaps, in part due to Wesley Bryan of the Bryan Bros emerging as a legit tour player. But over the weekend, @_andreyo gave us something we've never seen before: the over-the-shoulder chip-and-run. Check it out:

As many times as we've watched it, we can't figure out how he popped that ball up in the air like that so perfectly from that position. That's creative. And hustling to pull the flagstick before the ball dropped into the hole while Coldplay blasts in the background? That's a nice touch.