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This Miss Universe video with Donald Trump might be more entertaining than Steve Harvey's blunder

December 21, 2015

If you watched Showtime's season finales of "Homeland" and "The Affair" on Sunday night, you expected to see drama and cliffhangers. But the biggest plot twist of the evening came during the Miss Universe contest.

In case you didn't see what happened, it's a MUST watch:

If you're too lazy to watch the video (Don't be -- again, it's a MUST watch), here's what happened on live TV. Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner. Only she didn't win. About a minute after receiving her crown, Harvey interrupted the proceedings to inform everyone he'd made a mistake and it was Miss Philippines. And then last year's winner took the crown off Miss Colombia and placed it on Miss Philippines as Harvey tried to explain his mistake.

In a word, AWKWARD. But long before Harvey's embarrassing blunder, there was another awkward video involving some Miss Universe contestants trying to play golf with Donald Trump watching while wearing a golf glove and constantly grabbing his belt. Here it is:

Unfortunately, neither Miss Colombia, Miss Philippines or Mr. Steve Harvey were involved. We can only hope Fox's New Year's resolution is to have him do more live TV.