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This might be one of Arnold Palmer's last congratulatory letters, shared by U.S. Amateur semifinalist

October 14, 2016

Arnold Palmer was known for his letters. Among the countless ways The King made a personal connection with so many was his dutiful correspondence, which regularly included congratulatory notes to winners of golf tournaments around the globe.

One of the final such letters Arnie sent appears to be this note shared by U.S. Amateur semifinalist Nick Carlson, who's also a member of the University of Michigan men's golf team. Though the note shows a Sept. 8 date, just 17 days before Arnie died, Carlson just opened the note a few days ago, returning to a part-time job at The Ravines Golf Club in Douglas, Mich., where the note was sent.

That turned Carlson's letter from just holding personal significance to one we can all appreciate.

Carlson told the Detroit News he was in "utter shock" upon opening the letter.

"I've never been able to say that I knew Mr. Palmer or met him in any fashion, and to get that 10 days [after his death] was pretty special," Carlson said.

"It's framed and above my desk in my room. I get to look at it every day."