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This insanely large divot can't be real, can it?

We've seen and heard a lot of tales over the years at Golf Digest. Hard to believe hole-in-one stories, club-championship achievements . . . you name it. Our editors have a pretty good sense for what's real and what's fabricated.

So when we saw this photo, we couldn't help but laugh. Don't get us wrong -- most of us are guilty of taking hefty divots after we hit a shot fat. We've moved turf like any other weekend hacker.

But this? We have our doubts whether this five-foot-long divot even has a chance of being real.

Kudos to this guy for trying though. C'mon, is there a chance it's not fake? Sure there is.

There's also a chance this guy might be kicked off his local course for trying to create this photo. This is not going to make many friends with the golf course superintendent. Respect the turf integrity, man!