This high school basketball announcer's call takes a darker turn than the end of 'Se7en'

For my entire adult life, or, ever since I watched the movie "Se7en" for the first time like a decade ago, I did not think anything could possibly top the "WHAT'S IN THE BOX??!!" twist at the end of that deeply disturbing, all-time classic movie. I regret to inform you that I was wrong. It's been topped. And not by any movie or TV show, but by a pair of high school basketball announcers. Wait, what?

That's right. At the beginning of the clip that's currently burning Twitter to the ground, you'll hear one announcer say "another gone but not forgotten is.." as he begins to tell a story of his deceased dog Lucy. Why on EARTH this was a topic of conversation during a random high school basketball broadcast is something we'll never know. All we know is that this takes a darker turn than Brad Pitt finding out what was in the box. Listen closely:

WHAT THE F&%$?!?!?

For those wondering how I know it's a dog and not this guy's child, the announcer's son cleared everything up in the replies:

Ok, all good.

NO! Not all good! Obviously, the other announcer's response of "Like that? Was she run over like that?" is not as bad when you find out it wasn't actually a human his partner was talking about. But whether it was a human, dog, goldfish or whatever else it's still a bit messed up. Again, why they were talking about his dead dog is a mystery. What a wild ride. Also, it's made a little less harsh when the guy says "our sweet Dais-, or our sweet Lucy.." He loved Lucy so much he thought her name was Daisy? Bad look from everyone involved. That said, I'd be lying to you if I said I haven't watched the clip 15 times already and laughed out loud each time. We're all sick, sick individuals. RIP Lucy. Gone but never forgotten.