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They're making a movie about Genie Bouchard dating that random Twitter guy, "love" puns sure to follow

March 06, 2019
Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets

Mike Stobe

One can only wonder what first compelled tennis star and part-time swimsuit model Genie Bouchard to agree over Twitter to a date with a complete stranger a couple of years ago. Perhaps Bouchard was bored, or romantically adrift, or some combination of the two.

Or perhaps, in the deep recesses of her mind, Bouchard thought this one day might make for a great rom-com.

OK, probably not (please tell us not), but what we do know is that the story of Bouchard’s dalliance with random Twitter guy John Goehrke, who she dated after losing a Super Bowl bet in 2017, has been green-lit as a project by Fox 2000, according to Deadline Hollywood. Think of it as a cross between Notting Hill and . . . actually, we can’t think of any worthwhile tennis movies, but you get the idea. According to Deadline, “The film version centers on dating and love in the modern digital age, asking if a relationship born on social media can survive the glare of the public eye.”

The real life answer based on the Bouchard and Goerhke example is not really, although the two did defy expectations lasting as long as they did. A quick refresher: while watching Super Bowl LII between the Falcons and the Patriots, Bouchard said she knew the Falcons were going to hold on to their sizable first-half lead and win the game. Random guy Goerhke, who we’ve written before is a big Tiger Woods fan, floated the idea of a date if they didn’t, and remarkably Bouchard agreed.

The Patriots’ historic comeback led to the couple’s first date at a Brooklyn Nets game, and remarkably, several more followed, including a year later at Super Bowl LII. The relationship appears to have ended judging by Bouchard’s entertaining Instagram feed, but let’s not give up on these crazy kids yet. There might be a Hollywood premiere in their future to rekindle the flame.