These replicas of Oakmont's third and fourth holes are on display in Manhattan

With U.S. Open Week upon us, it's easy to get in the mood for Oakmont Country Club and the challenge that awaits golfers at the club hosting the national championship for a record ninth time.

Though true golf fans already have this week's major marked on their calendar, the folks at the USGA and FOX have set up replicas of Oakmont's third and fourth greens on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan to draw in the more casual fans. And we like the idea of getting a taste of Oakmont in New York City.

The greens at Oakmont are known for their complex undulation and speed. Though these replicas probably won't do the real things justice, the U.S. Open leader board and the pop-up greens on the streets of Manhattan is a cool way to generate interest in the year's second major.