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These golf shoes from Adidas are designed for cold-weather golfers

October 24, 2015

It's that time of year when golfers are finding out how badly they want to play golf. Sub-40 degree temperatures? That’s not exactly ideal golf weather, but still playable. One crucial piece of your outfit that you might overlook is your shoes. The footwear you wear all summer is made for, well, summer.

Adidas released a shoe this month that gives you a warmer option. The Adidas Climaheat Boa shoe ($180) has a thick, layered collar that extends to your ankle to keep more of your foot covered.

The microfiber material Adidas used is light and breathable and is made out of Adidas’ Climaproof technology that’s designed to protect you from the cold. The bottom of the shoe has traction elements and nine cleats so you won’t slip when the frost melts.