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The Zen of Calc

August 05, 2007

Some interesting excerpts from an interview Mark Calcavecchia gave ASAP Sports:

"I spent six weeks [at Athletes Performance in Tempe, Ariz.], didn't lose a

pound and felt worse; two and a half, three-hour workouts for five days in a

row. That was it, right there, surrendered. Flew up the white flag, never

again. Walking 18 holes around here is a good enough workout for me." Mark

Calcavecchia, on why he no longer visits a gym.

Calc on course conditions at Firestone: "I even texted Tiger on Tuesday when

I was out there playing after I putted a couple off the green on the second

hole because he was down at Southern Hills. I said the greens are as fast as

Augusta's. I've never seen them this fast."

Calc on why, at 47 with a cranky back, he keeps playing.

"Buying a $2 million lot [in Tequesta, Fla.] and building a $2 million house

motivated me. I've got about $200,000 in the bank and $5 million in debt,

that motivates me, so I've got to keep going."

Calc on playing with sore ribs, to boot: "You just flinch, close your eyes

and take a deep breath and say this is going to hurt like hell, go ahead and

hit it. Then you hit it, and you're like, okay, next, and then you limp up

to your ball and you try and recover for the next."

--Mary Rung

(Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)**