The U.S. Wins 16-12

August 23, 2009

SUGAR GROVE, Ill.-- In what can only be called an anticlimactic ending, the U.S. team retained the 2009 Solheim Cup when Swede Anna Nordquist failed to get up and down for par on the 16th hole in match no. 27. Her opponent Morgan Pressel, who had already been conceded her par, thus earned the honor of taking the winning point for her team.Â

Christina Kim, in the group ahead on 18 and 1-up on Tania Elosegui, didn't seem to know that her team had already won -- nor did the massive crowds surrounding the final hole. They all wanted to see Kim secure the match, so the real celebration didn't begin until after Elosegui conceded their match on the 18th green.Â


In the end, the total score would come to 16-12. Numbers that don't convey just how tight this match was.

--Stina Sternberg