The unlikely "bad habit" PGA Tour pro Zac Blair says he's spent thousands of dollars on

March 08, 2017

Zac Blair plays golf for big bucks on the PGA Tour. Good thing, because he's got an expensive habit to pay for.

No, it's not sports cars or speed boats, but rather LEGOs. That's right, LEGOs.

Blair explained his unusual hobby -- at least, for a 26-year-old tour pro -- in depth to's Helen Ross (You should check out the full story here). If you follow the BYU grad on Twitter, you know about his passion for golf course architecture. How deep does his passion for plastic building blocks run, though?

“We got to a point where [my wife, Alicia] was like, ‘We cannot have LEGOs in the house,’ ” Blair told Ross. “ ‘We've got to put them in boxes.’ ”

Blair also told Ross he's spent thousands of dollars on his "bad habit," but that he's restrained himself from buying a really high-end collector's set. At least, so far.

“Every year, I'm like, Man, if I have a good week, I would love to buy one of those sets, but they're kind of hard to find, and you don't really know what you're getting. … They're really cool, though.”

Guess we know what he'll be buying when he wins his first PGA Tour title.