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The unbelievable way Vijay Singh found out that deer-antler spray was illegal

November 11, 2015

We forgive you if you've tuned out headlines with "Vijay Singh" and "lawsuit" over the past two years. It seems like Singh's lawsuit against the PGA Tour has dragged on and on since the three-time major champion admitted to Sports Illustrated in January 2013 that he took deer-antler spray.

Apparently, it took a Jason Dufner bathroom break for Singh to know the IGF-1 substance contained in deer-antler spray was on the PGA Tour banned substance list.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In a well-reported account by the Golf Channel's Rex Hoggard, we learn Singh's deposition states that Dufner found the list while, ahem, taking care of business.

Dufner "was sitting in a can having a you-know-what and it was laying on the floor so he picked it up, and he was surprised that it was on it," Singh said in the deposition.

"He said if he hadn’t been in the can at that moment in time, he’d have never known that it was [on the banned list]."

Singh, obviously, did not end up getting suspended and sued the PGA Tour in the aftermath. He hasn't won a tournament since, but the 51-year-old has played on was in contention at a couple events last season on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour.

Now we have another layer -- albeit a bit entertaining -- to a messy story.

(h/t CBS Sports)