Equipment trends
December 16, 2015

The TaylorMade M1 driver is proving $500 drivers can be a success

It's hard to forecast just what TaylorMade’s bullish first month of the M1 driver will mean for the company, but it has already shown the industry that a $500 driver can be a success.

The M1 driver, fairway wood and hybrid accounted for one of every eight metalwoods sold in October, says golf-research firm Golf Datatech. You probably have to go back to 1995 and Callaway’s original Great Big Bertha to find the last time a driver that expensive has been the top seller.

M1’s success raised the average selling price for drivers to nearly $300, about $30 higher than it has been any month this year and $40 higher than any month since 2006, according to Golf Datatech.