The Style Blog: Taking it to the Streets

February 28, 2012

If you're part of that traditional group of golfers who craves the sound of cleats against cart-path concrete, I would advise you to stop reading right here -- these shoes probably won't satiate your gear-head sensibilities. But if you're like most of us women, trying to squeeze a round in while juggling life, work and family, then these double-duty shoes might just be for you. They offer some nice tech features but mostly strive to provide comfort while looking like running kicks or street shoes. In bright bold colors, you'll happily wear them with your favorite pair of pants or cute golf skort. *

--Argy Koutsothanasis*


Adidas Women's Adicross, $80, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad921fb01eefe207f763ff]|||The Style Blog: Sneakers|||

Nike Women's Dunk NG, $130, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9220b01eefe207f76405]|||The Style Blog: Sneakers|||

Ecco Street II, $150, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad921fb01eefe207f76402]|||The Style Blog: Sneakers|||

Golf Cat II Women's Golf Shoes, $80, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad921fb01eefe207f763fd]|||The Style Blog: Sneakers|||

FootJoy Summer Series Spikeless, $90, Visit website