The Style Blog: Brighten up your winter

December 08, 2011

There's only one thing more annoying than the non-stop holiday tunes that plague our lives this time of year: the onslaught of sequins and sparkle. It's everywhere during the holidays: silver shoes, cardigans with copper-colored trim--even pewter-hued-panties! I love metallics during the summer, when the sun is there to help make them sparkle. But when it's gray and rainy and the temperatures drop, I need a color pick-me-up.

Neon pink to the rescue.

I just splurged on the Cambridge satchel in the slide show below. It's bold, bright and slightly obnoxious. But here's the thing, have you ever met someone in a poppy color that's depressed or stressed by too much to do? Me neither. I carry my bag from work to the driving range and strangers stop me just to say how much they love the color. Here are a few of my favorite hits of hot pink for on and off the course:


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