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The #SB2K crew cleans up nice for Smylie Kaufman's wedding

Growing up is a long, tough, messy process, but when adulthood hits, it hits like Mike Tyson swinging ton of bricks. Just ask the #SBK2K crew. This time last year, Smylie, Jordan, Justin, and Rickie were chilling in the Bahamas, rocking matching tequila-themed tanktops and playing golf barefoot. Rickie was still single, Smylie was still a bachelor, JT had zero majors and Jordan hadn't even coined "Go Get That" yet. But life comes at you fast, and when the squad reconvened for Smylie's wedding this weekend, well, let's just say things looked a little different:

Just look at these fine, upstanding young gentlemen. Rickie is wearing reading glasses and will talk your ear off about Cali Cab Savs if you give him an opening, Jordan has that terrified next-guy-up-at-a-wedding face, and JT traded the flip flops for a pocket square. If you're wondering about Smylie, well, he's the guy getting married, so there's that. Suffice to say this... a pretty far cry from this:

Before you put the final nail in the #SB2K coffin, however, know that there were a few shirtless, Natty-fueled after-party photos making the rounds late Sunday night before Justin Thomas allegedly deleted them. Whether or not the band get back together for #SB2K19 remains to be seen, of course, but it's good to know there's still a little party left in the 'ol party tank.