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The perfectly legal way to use a phone while you're attending the Masters

AUGUSTA, Ga, -- Augusta National famously bans cell phones on property during the Masters. However, to help patrons not entirely lose contact with the civilized world while at the course, the club does have a bank of phones in multiple spots around the property. They have cords that connect the received to the phone, old-school style (ask you parents about them). Best of all, you can make all the long-distance calls you want. It's on Augusta National.

"The first time I was here, I started calling everybody I know," said Curt Mannerville, a patron from Columbia, S.C., who has been to the tournament four times now and was just getting off a phone along the bank besides the eighth tee. "When you're at the Masters, you got to brag about it."

The ultimate brag, of course, would be if the person receiving the call saw the words "AUGUSTA NATIONAL GOLF CLUB" show up on his or her caller ID. Unfortunately, you just get Augusta's 706 area code and "GA, USA"