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The Other Side Of Wie

September 11, 2009

Teen phenom Michelle Wie has surprised the golf world by revealing more and more of her uninhibited, youthful self in the past few months -- especially during her gregarious run at last month's Solheim Cup. Gone is the almost robotic little girl who once seemed to be operating on parent-controlled auto pilot; the Michelle Wie of the summer of '09 laughs, interacts with fans and pals around with fellow pro golfers as if they're BFFs.Â

Now comes yet another chapter in the unveiling of the real Wie.

In her new blog, Black Flamingo, the 19-year-old shares some of her colorful artwork and newfound love for clothing design. It's all very pubescent ("my cousin showed me how to use a sewing machine last week and its sooo awesome! ") but inspires great hope for a continued dismantling of the armor built up around this very talented golfer from the time she was 13.

 [#image: /photos/55ad8ec6b01eefe207f7371b]|||GDWwieart.jpg|||This tiger, drawn by Wie, presumably has nothing to do with a certain Mr. Woods.

Wie goes back to a full course load at Stanford University this fall, where she will most likely continue to explore the non-golf side of life.Â

Ultimately, those experiences may help turn her into the champion she has the potential to become.

--Stina Sternberg