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The Other Side of Tiger

Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post loves the Tiger she met at his AT&T National press conference: Tiger the new Dad.

The fact is, after watching him win 12 major championships over a decade as a pro, we haven't been very well acquainted with Woods. It was therefore all the more surprising, and even moving, when Woods chose to open up a little yesterday during his news conference.....

It was the most approachable and unguarded Woods has ever been in public. For a few brief minutes you saw the delineation of a more regular guy, one sharing the common experience of new fatherhood. As opposed to the phenom who shot 48 for nine holes at the age of 3, or the titan who already seems cast in bronze, or the standoffish mogul who named his yacht "Privacy."

Meanwhile the Post's Thomas Boswell checked out Tiger's event and declared it the best buy in sports:

Play hooky. Call in sick. Blow up your plans. But whatever you do, come to Tiger Woods's golf tournament at Congressional Country Club starting today. This event, with the best golfer who ever lived, with five of the top six players in the world on one of the most magnificent courses in America, may be this town's best sports value of my lifetime.

How's the press coverage going so far, Tiger?

-- Craig Bestrom