The NFL's virtual mock draft was apparently a disaster and Thursday night is looking more fun by the minute

NFL Draft

Frederick Breedon

Think about your fantasy football draft for a second. It takes three months to set a date and time. A handful of idiots will still end up autodrafting. Jeff has a crappy connection is getting logged in and out like a ping pong ball and the whole thing runs about three hours over schedule because nobody can decide on their TE2. It's a disaster year-in, year-out and now, a few days before the 2020 NFL Draft, Roger Goodell and the cronies are going to give it a shot on live TV. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, according to sources after the league's dry run/mock draft on Monday afternoon, apparently a lot.

32 unmuted NFL GMs on one conference call. And you thought your Zoom meetings were bad? Perhaps most disconcerting for the NFL IT team, however, are the bandwidth issues. I don't know about the rest of America, but here in New York City there has been noticeable WiFi slow down and intermittent connectivity issues stemming from the vast number of quarantined New Yorkers working from home, streaming Netflix and doing other unmentionable things with their precious slivers of bw. Can you imagine if the Jets miss their pick because of Optimum? Nothing could ever be more Jets. Not even the butt fumble.

Add all of this to the prospect of Roger Goodell announcing picks from Home Alone's basement and some horrific Mel Kiper bathroom/hot mic snafu, and you have what ultimately amounts to must-see TV come Thursday night. Suffice to say, if you've never been a Draft Guy™ before but find yourself tuning in this year out of sheer desperation, you're in for an even greater trainwreck than usual. We'll see you there, 8pm sharp.