The most interesting golfer in the world is going to be in a video game

Before this week, the most significant change EA Sports seemed to be making to its annual golf video game was that Rory McIlroy would replace Tiger Woods as the centerpiece player.

But now something even bigger has happened: Miguel Angel Jimenez has been announced as a featured player in the game. The most interesting golfer in the world has finally entered the video game realm.

Now, the sky is the limit as far as how much EA Sports wants to personalize Jimenez. Could you get a glimpse of him doing that weird stretch he does with his knees before he tees off? Will he have a cigar in his mouth throughout the round? Will he break out some dance moves after an impressive shot? If paired with Keegan Bradley, will he jaw at him all round? Will he be graced with beer and cigars as winnings rather than money? All of that would be incredible. Related: These Miguel Angel Jimenez quotes are amazing -- even for Miguel Angel Jimenez

Although the 51-year old Spaniard has never played extensively on the PGA Tour, he has a number of European Tour and Asian Tour wins. He has nailed three hole-in-ones this year, giving him a record 10 for his career on the European circuit. Of course, he celebrated them all only the way Jimenez knows how to -- with wine, cigars, and dancing. Related: Video: Jimenez Makes Yet Another Hole-In-One, Third This Year

Be sure to check him out -- and hopefully he does all of those aforementioned things -- when EA Sports' Rory McIlroy PGA Tour comes out in stores on July 14th.

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