The Malaysian Prime Minister has just given everyone a great excuse to go play more golf

January 02, 2015

Add Malaysian Prime Minister to the ever-growing list of people getting in trouble for playing too much golf. But he's not going down without a fight.

Prime Minister Najib Razak faced heavy criticism recently for playing golf with President Barack Obama rather than tending to matters at home, where floods have caused wide-spread damage in his country. When Razak finally decided to face his critics he defended his actions in three ways:

First, Razak said that Obama had personally invited him to play golf, so he couldn't really turn it down. Second, he said that the trip was booked so long ago that it wold have been awkward to cancel it. And third, he said the trip wasn't even really about fun, because it was more of a "golf diplomacy" mission. Strangely enough, the explanation seemed to work, because criticism quieted down not long after.

The lesson? The next time your significant other gets mad at you for playing too much golf, just remember two words: Golf Diplomacy.