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The golf world has no idea what to make of Tiger Woods at the Quicken Loans National

July 31, 2015

Tiger Woods is playing his second round at the Quicken Loans National in Gainesville, Virginia. After a second-round 66, he's just a shot out of the lead, but with most of the leaders teeing off in the afternoon, he could be a few back by day's end.

An intermediacy, it seems, that has thrown golf into a tizzy.

We love sensationalism. Everything has to be designated the best or the worst, and every take has to be made with conviction. There's no room for indifference.

Which is why we saw this after Tiger started his Thursday round with three bogeys in the first four holes:

But, unlike previous falters, Woods was able to bounce back mid-round, dropping six birdies in a nine-hole stretch, leading to...

That's right. A comparison to the year Tiger won nine events, including three majors. Not excessive at all.

The reality of Woods' game this week, it appears, is somewhere in the middle. And its a mediocracy we can't seem to process.

Woods isn't the best golfer in the world. He's also not the worst. His current game is of the unassuming, ordinary variety.

Tiger Woods, just another golfer. Talk about unfathomable.