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Every golfer knows that good ball-striking days are the best days you can have. Nothing beats that feeling of compressing the ball with the center of the clubface and seeing it streak off to the target. But perfect impact changes through the bag; the proper dynamics for a putt or wedge shot are totally different than with the driver. Knowing these differences will transform your game.

Michael Breed, Golf Digest’s Chief Digital Instructor, has created a video curriculum that will teach you all you need to know about hitting the ball pure with all your clubs. In four long-form video lessons, Breed demonstrates what the club needs to do at impact—and all swing mechanics to get you there—so you can produce solid, consistent strikes from shot to shot. He also shares his favorite practice drills and simple self-tests to check your progress.

So stop guessing what kind of ball-striking day you’re going to have next time out. Join us with one of the game’s leading instructors, and hit your best shots more often.


1 Putting Impact

2 Short-Game Impact

3Iron-Play Impact

4 Driving Impact


Michael Breed

Golf Digest Chief Digital Instructor