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The European Tour tries its best Happy Gilmore

July 12, 2013

From players trying insane trick shots to Rory McIlroy taking on a trash-talking robot, the European Tour has produced an abundance of creative videos. Their latest might just be the most fun one yet.

In advance of this week's Scottish Open, the European Tour got a bunch of players to try hitting tee shots "Happy Gilmore" style at Castle Stuart Golf Links. If you're not familiar with the 1996 Adam Sandler movie, the comedian plays a failed hockey player turned golfer, who finds success by crushing golf balls by hitting them with a running start.

Here's the video of pros from Phil Mickelson to Padraig Harrington attempting the unorthodox method. Enjoy:

This was one shot that Mickelson couldn't seem to pull off, instead nearly killing someone watching. Meanwhile, Harrington did the best of the bunch, managing to connect on a 328-yard drive. The Irishman is known for constantly working on his swing. Maybe he's finally found that magic fix. . .