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The European Tour players did their own Mannequin Challenge and it was really well done

November 16, 2016

By now, like most fads, the Mannequin Challenge is starting to feel overdone. Everybody from your mom's office workers to the Dallas Cowboys have done these viral videos where folks pose as mannequins. The novelty is wearing off a bit.

Even still, the European Tour joined the viral-video movement at the DP World Championship, and we're very, very impressed. This is one of the best ones we've seen anywhere, and it features some of our favorite tour players.

The slick editing is impressive. But probably more so is the fact they got about hundreds of people in on this. From the locker room, moving outside to include security staff, volunteers, fans and, of course, tour players -- this was very well-coordinated.

See how many tour pros you can identify. Our favorites are probably Beef taking a shave, Martin Kaymer selfie-ing with fans and Henrik Stenson ending the video perfectly. But the Paddy Harrington dab steals the show. You'll see for yourself.

We can't give this anything but a 10-out-of-10. The claret jug starts the video. And the amount of tour players who participated is impressive. Then add in agents, caddies, trainers and fans. Bravo, European Tour.

Your move, PGA Tour.