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The Dufners look like they're having a GREAT July 4th weekend

July 05, 2014

How do you top taking a kissing selfie at the White House? By taking a trip to the Bahamas for July 4th weekend, of course. Yeah, life is good for Jason Dufner and his wife, Amanda.

Let's start with a private plane to the Bahamas:

Then a romantic boat ride:

Duf flashing the peace sign! OK, so maybe he had a little too much fun on that boat ride. . .

Don't worry, Amanda was having plenty of fun herself. Well, until she got this golf cart stuck in the sand:

And finally, this might be our favorite picture of the Dufners ever:

Amanda brimming with a big smile. And Jason? Well, Jason being Jason.

UPDATE: OK, so maybe this is our favorite picture of the Dufners ever.

UPDATE: But if that's our favorite 4th of July picture, it's safe to say this is our favorite 5th of July photo. Nice backswing, Amanda!