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In an era when technological advances have turned golf instruction more into a science than ever before, legendary instructor David Leadbetter is advocating a simpler approach. "Things have gotten way too complicated for the average player," Leadbetter says. "Technology is a good thing, but only to confirm what we as teachers have already surmised. I use tech. I don't abuse tech." With that in mind, his new six-video series, "The David Leadbetter Essentials," breaks down the vital components of an efficient swing into easy-to-understand instructions. You won't need a high-speed camera, launch monitor or degree in biomechanics to consistently hit good shots. Just listen to David's simple explanations and follow his advice for working on the things that really matter. If you ever wanted to get a lesson from the great David Leadbetter, now's your chance.


1 Getting Started

2 The Grip

3 Posture

4 The Pivot

5 The Swing Start

6 The Swing Shape


David Leadbetter

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