The Angry, Speeding Golfer

January 27, 2009

Golf World's Angry Golfer, John Hawkins, set off a few sirens with his recent reference to speeding through Scottsdale. There was a empathy, but not so much.


Dear Editor:


John Hawkins shouldn't feel too bad about having his photo radar snapped twice on a recent visit to Scottsdale. Last year my brother-in-law came out for a visit from Pennsylvania and when he returned home there was a complete "photo album" waiting for him, compliments of the city of Scottsdale!

Rico Francisco

Scottsdale, AZ


In reading this weeks issue, I was astonished at the cavalier attitude of John Hawkins toward speeding. We have enough jerks on the road without having a national magazine provide a platform for another one to insinuate that it is OK to violate the law because he is special.


Ken Kirch

via Yahoo


So John Hawkins got caught two times for violating the posted speed limit in Scottsdale AZ. I guess he can talk his way out of tickets back in Connecticut when the red light is in his rear view mirror. The truth is the cameras have reduced accidents on Scottsdale freeways and perhaps a few deaths caused by speeding violators. John, do you also cheat when you play golf?>

Gil Ide>

Chandler AZ


That hurts, Gil, but I can guarantee that John never cheats. His only violation on the golf course, is, from time to time, moving too slowly. But cheat, never.

--Bob Carney