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Ten Clues Your Opponent Might Be A Hustler


9. And when he does say his name, it's a state or city.

8. You ask if he's ever seen the golf scene in Goldfinger and his reply is "Amateur hour."

7. He peels off a $100 bill to pay for a hot dog.

6. Claims the electronic ankle bracelet he's wearing is for his arthritis.

5. You offer to help him search for his ball in the woods, and he says, "I'm good. It really opens up in there."

4. Every time you ask for his score on a hole, he says, "Why, what did you have?"

3. His cell-phone ring is "The Entertainer" from the movie The Sting.

2. The beverage-cart girl says, "You drinking the usual, Al?"

1. You mention you were watching Meet The Press on NBC yesterday, and he blurts out, "Press? Did you say you want to press?"

OK, let's hear from you. What generally clues you in on a hustler?