TaylorMade New Releases (2023)

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Looking to learn what you need to know about the latest new products from TaylorMade? These handy thumbnails will keep you up to date on the company's new releases across all club and ball catetgories.

NEW: Oracle Speed Craft Collection (2023): Partnerships in sports and business are plentiful and powerful, which makes the recent collaboration between Oracle Red Bull Racing and TaylorMade notable.

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The "Speed Craft Collection," includes a full range of TaylorMade products inspired by Oracle Red Bull Racing’s 2023 RB19 car, as well as the team’s race suits. The collection showcases severalproducts from TaylorMade with the iconic stamp of current world champions, Oracle Red Bull Racing.

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Among the products being offered are TaylorMade’s Stealth 2 Plus driver (used on tour by Scottie Scheffler and Rory McIlroy), Spider GTX putter, TP5x Stripe ball as well as hoodies, T-shirts, hats, headcovers, towels, gloves and tees.

The collection is avialble exclusively on

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NEW: P•770 Phantom Black irons (2023): TaylorMade is offering a custom black PVD finish on its compact, hollow-body players iron. The Phantom Black P•770 irons employ the same mix of a cast 8620 steel body with a forged high strength 4140 steel face that's made ultra-thin and with variable thickness. In addition to a face that gets as thin as 1.55 millimeters, these irons feature less offset. But extra flex comes from a larger unsupported face area (vs. the previous P•770), as well as TaylorMade's hallmark cut-through sole slot. The liberal use of tungsten (as much as 46 grams) positions the center of gravity lower in the long irons to help launch and gradually shifts the CG upward to provide more flighted control as the set moves to the scoring irons. The hollow body uses an injected polyurethane foam (the same found in the company's popular P•790 irons) to damp vibration and enhance feel. $1,400 (steel), $1,500 (graphite) for a 7-piece set.

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NEW: Spider Tour Series (2023): The Spider Tour mallets revolutionized TaylorMade’s position in the marketplace with near equal top-level success on tour and at retail, but while the company explored other versions and shapes the last two years, the use and demand stayed with the original now-iconic shapes like Spider Tour and Spider Tour X. So rather than try to discover a new Spider, the company is launching a new Spider Tour Series with five options all built on the original platforms, including shapes made popular by Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and most recently Scottie Scheffler. The models employ the same wireframe construction, a variety of sole weighting to emphasize different centers of gravity to match different stroke types, and the distinct wide white aiming stripe, as well as the grooved Surlyn face insert. $350, available Oct. 27.

NEW: Ryder Cup-themed Stealth 2 drivers (2023): One of the distinctive aspects of TaylorMade's driver introductions over the last few years has been the ability to customize colors to your personal tastes through its MySIM or MyStealth programs. That personalization capability is behind the company's latest limited edition release, Stealth 2 drivers in the colors of both the U.S. and Europe for the Ryder Cup matches. Currently, eight of the 24 players in the Ryder Cup are using TaylorMade drivers. The limited edtion Ryder Cup Stealth 2 models are available in 9- or 10.5-degree lofts. The U.S. model features a special Fujikura Ventus Red shaft, while Europe's comes with a special Ventus Blue shaft, although in both cases custom shafts will be available. The U.S. model features a Golf Pride MCC grip with red and blue accents, while the Europe model sports blue and gold trim. Each features the complete technology of the carbon composite-faced Stealth 2 driver, introduced in January. $600, available at retail and on the company's website.

NEW: Milled Grind 4 wedges (2023): The fourth generation of TaylorMade’s Milled Grind wedges (Milled Grind 4, or MG4) continue the machined sole shaping of its predecessors while expanding the range of distinct grinds to include three new options at the higher lofts for a total of seven. On the spin front, the grooves are now supported by laser-etched diagonals on the flat areas between each scoreline. The effect is to increase spin on partial shots and prevent spin loss in dewy or wet conditions. All told, it’s TaylorMade’s most expansive wedge line ever with six more loft/bounce options than on the previous MG3. $180 (lofts from 46 to 60 degrees, seven grinds). Available Sept. 8.

NEW: P·790 irons (2023):TaylorMade’s fourth-generation P·790 irons continue the trend of bringing high-speed face flexing and a progressive approach to forgiveness across the full set. It's all done in the guise of compact shaping that better players prefer as much as those aspiring to be better players wish for. Again, the key is a hollow construction, but among the more dramatic improvements is how slugs of tungsten are used differently through the set. The 30-40-gram pieces are set horizontally and low on the long irons to provide better launch, while on the middle irons a chunkier piece rests vertically out toward the toe to improve stability on off-center strikes. There’s no tungsten on the short irons (8-iron through gap wedge) to allow the center of gravity to progress higher with each higher loft to optimize spin and prevent shots from ballooning. $1,400 for seven irons (steel); $1,500 (graphite). Available for pre-order Aug. 8, at retail on Sept. 1.