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Syracuse allows Florida State to get away with most poorly run trick play in the history of organized football

There were only two scenarios in which a human with a functioning brain would have watched Florida State vs. Syracuse on Saturday afternoon. Scenario 1: You are either a FSU or 'Cuse alum. Scenario 2: You are a degenerate gambler. That's it, those are the only two possibilities.

As for the rest of us, we didn't miss much, except for what has to be the most poorly run, yet successful trick play in the history of organized football. After gaining possession with 3:56 remaining in the first half, the Florida State offense gained two yards on two plays, setting up 3rd and 8. Not exactly a trick play situation, but head coach Willie Taggart dialed one up anyway. What happened next was one of of the all time "ugly, but effective" sequences you'll ever see:

All you need to know about this play is that in the middle of it, color commentator Anthony Becht said "Oh boy," as if something disastrous was about to happen. Technically, something disastrous did happen, and it was a break down of epic proportions by the Syracuse defense. How on earth does this play go for 54 yards?

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I'll ask again, HOW DOES THIS PLAY GO FOR 54 YARDS?!?!

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Had Tamorrion Terry been tackled where he caught the ball, it would have been a one-yard gain. But he got a huge block from his fellow wideout and busted it, nearly scoring. The 'Noles did end up finishing off the drive with a TD to take a 21-3 lead, and eventually won the game 35-17. Everyone who watched it is now dumber than they were six hours ago.