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Swing Chi lessons

March 29, 2007

__The swing is never learned. It's remembered.

--__Bagger Vance

Before we head off to Augusta, literally or via the powers of CBS, and our own web site, one last look at the Swing Chi story by David Leadbetter in our March issue. We got a letter from a real T’ai Chi instructor, Jayne Storey, who teaches in Europe and who has a program for golfers.

Her suggestions: __"Try the simplest of all standing postures, called Wu Chi (meaning emptiness) in order to train alignment, grounding, relaxation and to cultivate "here and now" thinking—a vital component of the mental game…." __

I’ve seen  players in the group in front of me try this on the golf course….prior to their shots…

Step two: "Taking the idea of stillness into your golf swing, I also suggest that you freeze-frame any part of your swing that you find particularly challenging, holding the position for at least 30 seconds while focusing on being grounded, relaxed and correctly aligned, before moving—at normal tempo—through to completion".

Jayne also suggests super-slow motion swings, taking a minute to complete a swing…__"When you master one minute, try two minutes!" __ I’m typing more slowly already….

--Bob Carney