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Swedish man gets hit in the head with a golf ball. The size of the welt on his head is absolutely ginormous

August 18, 2014

We've all been there -- walking or standing peacefully on a beautiful golf course when the shrill of the word "fore" from a neighboring group sends us running frantically in the opposite direction.

But, sometimes, you just can't get out of the way in time. This man learned that the hard way, but thankfully, he looks OK (all things considering). According to, Joakim Boden was playing with a few friends when a golf ball came hurdling towards him and hit him directly on his head. "It sounded like a gun shot," he said.

Boden's friends rushed him back to the clubhouse, where he sat with ice on his head until he was given the OK to drive home by a local health clinic, according to the article. He didn't escape fully unscathed, though. Just look at the size of the welt on the poor man's forehead:

On a side note, here are some tips about how to avoid getting hit by a golf ball on the course.