Baby Come Back

Boston was the second highest rated Super Bowl market, further proof that we can never quit our exes

February 08, 2021

Mike Ehrmann

On Sunday, one couldn't help but wonder what the fine folks in New England were feeling as they watched Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski raise another Lombardi in a different uniform. On one hand, Patriots fans probably felt a little happy to see their favorite former tag team yukking it up as the confetti rained down on them again. On the other hand, some Pats fans may have been the living embodiment of the "I've made a huge mistake" GIF of Will Arnett in "Arrested Development." The mistake being ... maybe our lord and savior Bill Belichick shouldn't have let the GOAT walk?

One thing is absolutely certain - all of Boston tuned in to watch. John Ourand, a well-known media reporter at the Sports Business Journal, reported on Monday the rating in Boston was a 57.6, which is very impressive by itself. It gets even more impressive when you see how much higher that rating was than Tampa Bay's, the city whose team was playing in the damn Super Bowl: 

It gets crazier. Boston's 57.6 rating is the second-best ever for that particular market, meaning a Super Bowl not involving the Patriots did bigger numbers than the majority of the Patriots' past Super Bowl appearances, as Ourand pointed out:

The number was so big, it was second only to Kansas City: 

Theorize this however you'd like, but we're going to go with this one - it's impossible to quit your exes. Nobody is above it. You can unfriend them on Facebook, unlike all of their Instagram pictures, pack up all their crap for them, etc. But you can never truly quit them. They own beachfront property in your head, and this song plays on repeat: